May 29, 2023

Athens News

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A 17-year-old boy was stabbed three times in Omonia Square

A new incident of fan violence involving a minor occurred on Sunday 26 March.

“Disassembly” took place in the central city square Omonia. A group of six people attacked a 17-year-old boy, stabbing him in broad daylight. The reason for the aggression was a “disagreement” in belonging to a certain group. The hooligans first stopped a passerby, asking him which group he belongs to. And when he answered, they stabbed him in the left arm, shoulder and leg.

According to ERT, the teenager was taken to the ΕΛΠΙΣ hospital. The police are investigating to identify those responsible.

Recall that only recently, just the other day, in the most protected area of ​​the city, in front of the building of the Court of Appeal of Athens, there were also “showdowns” between fans. A group of people attacked two people, beat them and wounded one with a knife. In response, the police used stun grenades and chemicals. The same information states that a lawsuit has been launched against the instigators of the riots, who were arrested at the scene.

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