June 10, 2023

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White tiger cub: committee of 12 veterinarians to deliver verdict

In the hands of 12 veterinarians will be a white tiger, which was found near the garbage cans located near the walls of the Attikon Zoo.

The animal is still very weak. And although his health is constantly improving, the scenario of his transportation abroad remains open. The organization for the protection of wild animals “Νέμεσις”, along with the responsible minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports that a commission of 12 veterinarians will be appointed on Monday, which will consider the health data of the four-month-old tigress. A decision will probably be made to transfer it to a specialized wildlife center abroad, as there are already good proposals. The committee will include two professors of veterinary medicine from AUTH, two from the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Thessaly, as well as other specialists.

The four-month-old tigress was named Khasia (Χασίγια), which means a girl who “stands on her feet.” According to a social media post yesterday, the tiger was examined at a specialized veterinary center in Athens, with diagnoses pending from experts from Greece, a center in Europe and one from the US. There will also be a meeting of Greek and foreign veterinarians regarding the treatment of the tiger cub.

Recall that the unfortunate animal with paralyzed hind legs was found near the garbage cans of the zoo Attikon. Police are investigating to identify the person who “dumped a wild animal.”

As the Athenian News wrote earlier, the trade in wild animals in Europe is prohibited. However, this is one of income items of illegal businessalong with trafficking in arms, drugs and people.

So how much does a small white tiger cub cost on the “black market”? An internet search reveals that acquiring an exotic tiger is much easier than one might think. For prices ranging from $3,000 to $6,000, small white tigers and more are sold all over America. Farm-raised cheetahs, cougars, jaguars, leopards, black panthers and lion cubs find their way into private homes to cater to the “refined tastes” of self-absorbed owners who go against the laws of nature and logic.

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