September 27, 2023

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The organs of a 52-year-old man will save the lives of others

The organs of a 52-year-old man who died in the hospital decided to donate to those who need their transplant.

Greatness of spirit and nobility was shown by the patient’s family in Crete. His close people, after the death of a loved one, decided to donate organs and save the lives of those to whom they will be transplanted.

The man, with the desperate efforts of doctors to save the patient, fought for his life for two weeks, being in the intensive care unit of the Venizelio hospital in Heraklion, where he was hospitalized with a cerebral hemorrhage. Nevertheless, in the end, he was declared “clinically dead” by doctors, so the relatives decided to donate his organs.

Negotiations with the National Transplant Organization began immediately and the process was completed in the early hours of Saturday, March 25th. According to cretalive, the heart, kidneys and cornea were seized.

The funeral of the man whose death gave life to others will take place on Sunday at noon in the Holy Church of St. Titus, the prophet Elijah of Heraklion.

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