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Meeting of Russians with Ukrainians in… the Pacific Ocean

Ukrainian sailors became the saviors of the Russian crew of a trimaran* in distress, which was traveling around the world.

The incident took place in the Pacific Ocean, the details were told Russian edition “Siberia. Realities”. The trimaran “Russian Ocean Way” circumnavigated the world – it left Kronstadt in July 2021 and has since traveled more than 13,000 nautical miles. At the end of February 2023, the ship left the Chilean port of Talcahuano, and in mid-March, the Russians got into a storm, which led to a serious breakdown of the steering mechanism.

When it became clear that the malfunction could not be eliminated on its own, the crew gave a distress call. The cargo ship “Sounion” with a Ukrainian-Filipino crew responded to it. The search for the trimaran took five hours. It took a few more hours to lift the Russians aboard the bulk carrier, due to a strong wave. Stanislav Berezkin, captain of a Russian ship, says:

“The trimaran was thrown about three meters. In order to get on the ladder dropped from the deck, it was necessary to wait for the trimaran to be brought to the side. the trimaran falls down and bounces into the sea.”

After the crew of the “Russian Ocean Way” was on board the bulk carrier, “Sounion” took the Russian ship in tow. Then the Russians learned that they were saved by the Ukrainians. Berezkin says:

“I felt that I was in a place where there are no races and nationalities, where they will help you, no matter what language you speak, what skin color and eye shape you have. In the sea, we are all at the same distance from God – at an elongated distance hands”.

He says he tries not to discuss the war Russia started in Ukraine in conversations with the Ukrainian crew. The captain of the “Sounion” said that he was originally from Mariupol, but after the start of the war he was forced to leave for Kyiv.

* Trimaran – a vessel with three parallel hulls connected at the top. As a rule, it has increased stability and good seaworthiness. Also, such a scheme is used by the creators of high-speed vessels – boats for acceleration races. Stability – the ability of a floating facility to withstand external forces that cause it to roll or trim, and return to a state of equilibrium at the end of the disturbing effect.

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