May 31, 2023

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Greek pharmacists sound the alarm and appeal to the government

The Pharmaceutical Association of Attica draws the attention of the Hellenic Ministry of Health to two critical issues that need to be addressed urgently.

As a dangerous signal for public health, pharmacists indicate the fact that the collection of expired drugs from special containers installed in pharmacies by ΙΦΕΤ has stopped. The containers are overflowing and can no longer accept medicines for recycling or destruction.

And the second global problem is far from new; our edition There is a serious shortage of medicines in the country. Once again, ΦΣΑ declares:

“Lack of drugs has been a concern for pharmacists and citizens for several months now. Pharmacy shelves are still missing essential medicines, forcing citizens to call pharmacies to find their drugs.”

These two factors, according to the Pharmaceutical Association of Attica, pose a danger to public health. She calls on the competent authorities and the Ministry of Health to intervene immediately to solve the problem, writes CNN Greece.

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