May 29, 2023

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Tourist season 2023: what will it be like anyway?

Excellent performance as “an omen of a great tourism season” has already been noted by experts at the beginning of 2023.

According to the Bank of Greece, the balance sheet showed a surplus of EUR 26.3 million in January 2023 compared to a surplus of EUR 44.0 million in the corresponding month of 2022. In particular, in January 2023, an increase of 71.9 % of “travel documents” of travelers and totaled EUR 224.2 million compared to EUR 130.5 million in the corresponding month of 2022.

The increase in travel revenue was driven by an 86.1% increase in incoming traffic as average travel expenses decreased by 7.6%. Net proceeds from the provision of tourism services offset the deficit in the commodity balance by 1.1% and amounted to 9.8% of the total net proceeds from services.

In January 2023, as mentioned above, Travel revenue grew by 71.9% compared to the corresponding month in 2022. In particular, receipts from residents of EU-27 countries showed an increase of 23.7%, which amounted to 95.1 million euros, while receipts from residents of countries outside the EU-27 increased by 141.4% ( January 2023 €128.9 million, January 2022 €53.4 million).

The increase in receipts from EU-27 residents was the result of an increase of 31.3% (January 2023 €80.7 million, January 2022 €61.5 million). The amount of receipts from residents of the EU-27 countries outside the euro area fell by 6.9% to 14.3 million euros. In terms of the most important countries of origin for eurozone travelers, receipts from Germany rose by 13.3% to €22.3 million and from France by 168.4% to €12.1 million.

From non-EU27 countries: Receipts from the United Kingdom rose by 48.3% to €20.2 million and receipts from the US increased by 10.4% to €8.1 million. Fees from Russia fell by 67.5% and amounted to 0.4 million euros.

Inbound passenger traffic in January 2023 amounted to 635.5 thousand passengers, an increase of 86.1% compared to the corresponding month of 2022. In particular, passenger traffic through airports increased by 70.1% compared to January 2022, and through automobile border crossings – by 144.1%. The increase in inbound travel was due to both an increase in travel from EU-27 countries by 48.9% and from non-EU-27 countries by 137.2%.

In addition, the tourist flow from the eurozone countries amounted to 210.2 thousand travelers, an increase of 40.6%. The tourist flow from the EU-27 countries outside the eurozone increased by 75.0%, reaching 84.0 thousand travelers. In particular, the flow of tourists from Germany increased by 19.2%, to 64.6 thousand travelers, and from France – by 98.9%, to 31.5 thousand travelers.

As for countries outside the EU-27, the flow of tourists from the United Kingdom increased by 78.2%, to 59.5 thousand travelers, and from the USA – by 40.8%, to 15.2 thousand. The flow of tourists from Russia decreased by 45.3% and amounted to 1.2 thousand travelers.

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