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Trial of an Air Force officer who tried to commit suicide, blow up a car with children

On Thursday morning March 23, a 62-year-old man who had previously intended to commit suicide by locking himself in with his 2.5-year-old twin children and opening a gas tank is now in the hands of law enforcement. The crime was prevented, and the perpetrator faces punishment.

Recall that this is a retired Air Force officer. The man, left in the car with his children, opened the gas cylinder and intended to make an explosion. A shocking incident was recorded in Melissochori (Thessaloniki). Today he appeared in court. With his head bowed, in a mask and hood, the defendant seemed to be “speechless” and was unable to answer the question of whether he regretted what he had done.

A man has been charged with a serious crime and is being prosecuted for attempted serial murder, attempted bombing (an act of endangering others), continued physical harm to a spouse, threats to a spouse during marriage, and illegal possession of a weapon.

The incident took place last Sunday evening, 19/03. Around 8:30 pm, the woman called 100. She reported that her ex-husband had locked himself in his car with two children. The police immediately went to the scene. When they arrived, they noticed that they smelled of gas. They immediately broke the windshield of the car, releasing the children and their father. As it turned out, there was an “open” gas cylinder in the car, while the man was allegedly ready to light a lighter to blow up the car.

The defendant’s human rights activist said that “the man will claim that he did not want to harm his children.” “I am convinced that he did not want it to end fatally. It really was deviant behavior bordering on a borderline mental disorder. But he did not want to kill children. He also did not want to take revenge on his wife in this way (so that she would see the children dead). If he really wanted this, my assessment is that he would have done it,” Yiannis Kerametzidis told reporters from the Alfa channel.

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