May 29, 2023

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Old lady fined €120,000 for throwing 4 newborn kittens into the trash can

Volos police have fined a 75-year-old woman 120,000 euros for dumping four newborn kittens in a trash can. The 75-year-old woman was arrested on Tuesday morning following a neighbor’s denunciation.

According to the whistleblower, her 75-year-old neighbor threw the newborn kittens into the trash when she took out the trash in the morning. The vigilant neighbor called the police and, just in case, the local animal welfare group.

The reaction of the “defenders” that followed was so powerful that within an hour, a cavalcade of police cars stood at the house of the 75-year-old. The police reportedly took the kittens to the local police station with fanfare until they were picked up by a volunteer from the animal welfare group. And a 75-year-old woman was handcuffed, pushed into a police car, and, under the howling of a siren, she was taken to the prosecutor’s office like a terrible criminal.

At the prosecutor’s office, she was announced that she was under arrest. After interrogation and testimony to a competent investigator, she was released home, on the condition that she would report once a month to the Volos police department. At the same time, according to the law on the protection of animals, she was automatically fined 1,500 euros, plus an administrative fine of 120,000 euros, that is, more than 30 thousand euros for each kitten.

According to the local website woman found guilty of cruelty to animals in the form of torture and by the decision of the investigator and the prosecutor, he was released on bail. The old woman tried to make excuses, saying that she did not know about any kittens, and she just went to throw out the garbage. However, the neighbor, who filed a police report, insisted that the woman throw the bag with newborn kittens into the trash.

The police did not even consider the version that the scammer neighbor did this to take revenge on the 75-year-old.

These cases are becoming typical in Greece, when aggressive “greens” and law enforcement officers following their lead mercilessly fine citizens, forcing them to sell their property and remaining on the street due to such incidents. It is noteworthy that in cases of huge fines, which can amount to a person’s income for his entire life, no investigation, no questioning of witnesses, or any other investigative actions are carried out. There are enough testimonies of people with whom the convicts may have had a personal conflict.

Under the new law, killing or attempting to kill newborn animals is a criminal offense. In this case, an administrative fine can be up to 50,000 euros per animal, and the penalty cannot be written off. Under the previous law, the administrative fine was 30,000 euros and could be written off in the future.

Do you throw kittens in the trash?  Cretan fined €250,000

A similar story happened in Crete, in the summer of 2022.

59-year-old man, according to witnesses, threw away five newborn kittens into a trash can and was fined an unprecedented amount of 250,000 euros.

Greens, don’t stop. Demand the death penalty for dead cats. In the case of an attempt to kill 5 seals, assign a progressive quartering: two arms, two legs and a fifth head. Nothing to be trifled with. After all, for the murder of a person, the fines are already much less.

Law from 2021, practically equalized the rights of people and animals, giving the latter so many rights that people can envy some.

The 5 internationally recognized “animal freedoms” are now also included in the law:

  • The right to satisfy hunger and thirstfreedom from hunger and thirst).
  • The right to be free from pain, disease and injury (withfreedom from injury or illness).
  • The right not to be subjected to severe stress and not to experience fear (withfreedom from grief and suffering).
  • The right to comfortfreedom from discomfort).
  • The right to live in conditions as close to natural as possible (freedom to carry out species-typical behavior).

Help Centers for the Homeless in Greece

The authorities somehow do not think about giving such freedoms to people. After all, in fact, for people in Greece there is no right to satisfy hunger and thirst, no right to free treatment, no right to the absence of stress, not to mention the right to comfortable living. There is only one thing left – the right to live in conditions as close to natural as possible – that is, on the street

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