May 29, 2023

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Half of Greek citizens called 1555 helpline

During the 18 months of operation of the call center with the short number 1555, a single number for servicing citizens by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, more than 5 million calls were received in total.

As of March 19, 2023, call center operators received a total of 5,319,662 calls, of which 5,011,197 calls were answered, with an average wait time of no more than 22 seconds.

Of these calls (5,011,197), 99.72% were answered immediately (or within a few days) by telephone service operators. The remaining 0.28% relate to personalized appeals handled by special groups of heads of the ministry and supervised structures.

Besides e-EFKA collects the most calls. To date, on issues within the competence of the service, 3,549,575 calls have been received from citizens (70.83% of 5,011,197 answered calls). Percent resolved requests is 99.8%.
A total of 714,061 calls (14.25% of the total) were processed on issues within the competence of DYPA, thus the percentage allowed requests reaches 99.96%.

536,514 inquiries were answered GUARDIANSHIP, and:

  • on 150,611 appeals on labor relations issues,
  • for 18,797 appeals on issues of social solidarity,
  • 7791 appeals on gender equality/population policy.

The 1555 call center forwarded 5148 calls to the SOS 15900 line for immediate counseling and psychological support for women victims of violence, as well as 4440 calls regarding a personal assistant for persons with disabilities. Also, 7391 complaints were forwarded to the independent labor inspectorate.

As noted, the use of the updated website is steadily growing. Citizens can use the available digital services of all services under the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, submit and track the progress of personalized requests (which does not require a call to the call center). Until March 19, 2023, 30,928 requests were submitted through

Labor and Social Affairs Minister Kostis Hatzidakis, after visiting the 1555 call center today, said:

“1555 is the line for getting help. For a year and a half, the service received 5 million calls. Half of Greece called! But more importantly, more than 99% of these calls were answered. Nothing to do with the past. I also note the sensitivity with which call center employees handle calls.

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