May 30, 2023

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Emperor’s visit

The popular Ukrainian telegram channel ZeRada briefly but very succinctly described the results of the visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Moscow.

Xi has been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Remember how, since 2016, many have been predicting a Chinese war over Taiwan? There were many provocations, Xi endured, and now, when the bodies of enemies and allies floated past, and Xi stepped in for the 3rd, one might say imperial, term, he began.

The Chinese have been waiting a whole year for the West and the Russian Federation to wallow in war and reach a dead end in order to enter the stage with a “golden card” in their hands. Not being a party to the conflict, unlike the other two geostrategic players, China was able to freely determine its position on the conflict in a way that is beneficial to China. In the ornate wording of official documents, you can see it: “we will not let the West win.”

The parties note that relations between Russia and China, not being a military-political alliance, … surpass this form of interstate interaction … I.e. The PRC stood at a distance, but clearly on the side of the Russian Federation, having formed a kind of “dynamic union” that could remain on paper, or could develop into the USSR 2.0.

Three main achievements of China:

  • very cheap resources that I would not have received under any other conditions, except in the current situation, when the Russian Federation is driven into a corner;
  • access to the Northern Sea Route, which means access to the Arctic – the black dream of the United States. Remember the RAND report that China should not be allowed into the Arctic, even at the cost of reconciliation with the Russian Federation? So China got access. For 300 years, the West controlled the southern route in narrow places (Suez + Singapore), now China will build its own route.
  • yuan alternative to the dollar. Russia agreed to trade with third countries in yuan. From that moment on, China begins to receive seigniorage (income received from the issue of money and appropriated by the issuer on the basis of ownership), which the United States used to receive. Yes, not from all over the world at once, but these are trillions in profits.

In addition, the Russian Federation supported the Chinese Global Initiative – an alternative to the Western project of the world order. Now freeze the current situation for 7 years and figure out what will happen if China bypassed the West even before the war, and now it has received super-cheap resources, while the West receives them with a military margin? That’s the same…

Oh yes…there was a former Taiwanese official visiting China for the first time. It is as if Poroshenko flew to Moscow. A little later, China will receive Taiwan. Maybe without a war…

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