September 27, 2023

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Obtaining a tax number and opening a bank account in Greece

One of the services of my law office is accompanying third-country nationals at all stages of the immigration process to Greece, starting with the preparation of the necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit and ending with legal support in the implementation of transactions for the purchase of real estate or the establishment of private businesses and companies.

One of the most demanded services of Clients is the receipt of TIN (Tax identification number), and also opening an account in banks in Greece. Depending on the specific situation, I and my team, consisting of experienced professionals, strive to complete the tasks in the shortest possible time, providing our Clients with the most complete support and solution of their tasks.

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Tax identification number it is always required when making purchase and sale transactions of movable and immovable property, when making various types of applications and obtaining a social number, when opening an account with a bank in Greece, etc.

To apply for a TIN service in Greece, you need to contact my office or contact via the feedback form on the website:

Opening a bank account

There are a number of reasons why companies and individuals prefer to open an account abroad:

A) Savings – opening accounts in foreign banks allows minimizing a lot of risks associated with the peculiarities of legal regulation and the economic situation.

b) Ensuring the necessary calculations in the case of international business. When registering a company in a foreign jurisdiction, you will need a current account in a foreign bank to carry out the relevant financial transactions.

V) Confidentiality – in countries with a developed legal system, the principle of banking secrecy is sacred, which provides the account holder with a level of confidentiality.

G) Purchase of movable or immovable property. A prerequisite for the calculation, for example, for the purchased property with a bank check on a transaction with a notary, if there is an account, there will be absolutely no problems in obtaining it from the bank.

e) Availability a debit bank card and Internet banking in your phone – these are integral functionality and unlimited possibilities for customer service and stability.

Whatever reason motivated you to open an account in a Greek bank, you need to understand that this procedure requires a serious and comprehensive approach. This is the principle that guides my law firm. The client will be provided with the full range of operations necessary for organizing settlement services in Greek banks when opening an account, and most importantly, we open an account in one day.

What exactly is our support for:

  • Selection of the bank that best suits the needs of the client.
  • Opening an account in one of the Greek banks. We undertake the preparation of all necessary documents, as well as negotiating with bank employees. Opening an account is also possible without the client’s presence (by proxy).
  • Providing financial support for transactions with foreign companies.
  • Remote cash management. You can safely and easily manage your accounts and carry out any financial transactions using Internet banking without leaving your office, as well as pay for your purchases with a Greek debit card.

Comprehensive information on any of these areas will be provided to you when contacting my law office. Each service includes full consulting support, so you will always be aware of the current situation.

The law office of Svetlana Anatolievna Kasatkina-Kusku provides third-country nationals with consulting and representation services in the competent banks of Greece, based on such principles in work as an individual approach to each client, high-quality legal services, adherence to legal ethics and confidentiality, efficiency, as well as accessibility legal assistance.

We continue to be with you to clarify any situations in which the lawyer Kasatkina-Kusku Svetlana will personally answer all your questions. Contact us today in a convenient way for you:

Greece, Athens, 10679, st. Hippocratus 2

Tel.: +30211-0149605

Mob.: +30 694-8273758 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

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