September 30, 2023

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Incredible incident in Thessaloniki: children with their father in a car full of gas

A retired military man was locked in a car with two small children, where there was an open gas cylinder.

How informs, a man had to return two twin children to his ex-wife, who lives in Melissochori in Thessaloniki. However, he ended up with them in the car with an open gas cylinder. The incident happened at 20:30.

As soon as the woman realized that something strange was happening, she immediately called an ambulance and the police, who managed to break the windows in the car and free the 2.5-year-old kids. The twins were taken to the Hippocrates hospital, their lives are out of danger, and the father, in a semi-conscious state, was taken to the 424th military hospital. According to the first information, a strong smell of gas was felt in the car. Two gas cylinders were found in it. The circumstances under which the incident occurred are being investigated.

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