March 31, 2023

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Tourism: shortage of over 80,000 employees

Third countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria and Egypt will start recruiting workers in the tourism sector in order to fill the huge gap in the workforce, which this year in Greece will exceed 80,000 vacancies.

Until recently, our country signed international agreements with these countries, only for hiring workers in agriculture, livestock and fisheries, but recent ministerial decision allows companies to hire workers from third countries and in tourism.

As it became known, in the near future, a new decision is expected to be adopted, which will determine the terms and conditions, as well as the total number of transferred workers from these countries and specialties.

Prime Minister Mr. K. Mitsotakis recently mentioned inter-state agreements as a means of solving the acute problem of a shortage of workers, but specialized personnel, during a press conference on economic and labor market issues. “This is a structural problem that we are trying to solve through intergovernmental agreements, such as the agreement with Egypt,” said Mr. K. Mitsotakis, who previously acknowledged that there are severe shortages in some sectors of the economy, such as primary industries ( agricultural production), but also the tourism sector.

According to the first estimates, the shortage of personnel in the tourism sector may exceed 80,000 people, since in addition to the 55,000-60,000 vacancies that existed last year, this season there may be “leaks” of temporary workers to other activities, as well as foreigners who worked in our country last year, but this year we chose countries with higher wages.

It should be noted that Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers A few months ago I wrote a letter to the government. The document contained a request to amend the legislative framework so that the arrival of seasonal workers from third countries in tourism could be simplified.

As noted, ΣΕΒ in its latest reports refers to “the level of deficit employment in Greece, which reaches 10% compared to the average for the European Union.” In fact, studies by the Association of Industrial Enterprises show that at the sectoral level, the deficit is mainly in the manufacturing industry, where a gap of 5-6% is recorded. From the analyzes of the Association, it is revealed certain professions-specialties that are in great demandin which, however, it is difficult for companies to find suitable personnel. Occupations in high demand are mainly in the sectors of manufacturing, information and communication technology (ICT), energy, logistics:

  • IT application specialist
  • networking and telecommunications specialist
  • computer specialist,
  • Purchasing Executive Director,
  • electrician,
  • industrial service technician
  • automation technician,
  • operator of industrial facilities, machinery and equipment,
  • metal worker,
  • food industry technologist.

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