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Night pursuit: the driver rammed the patrol car

The “Hollywood” pursuit of the suspect took place last night in Aliveri.

According to viathema, during scheduled police checks of vehicles, the driver, who was signaled to stop, began to behave suspiciously. Rather than park and pass the security check (as is customary in such cases), he, on the contrary, picked up speed, intending to disappear from view. The police, without thinking twice, got into a patrol car and began to chase.

The chase continued for some time, and at some point the suspect even tried to ram a patrol car, which intended to block his path.

As a result, the 52-year-old driver was detained in a mountainous area near Aliveri. After checking, it turned out that this person appears in the documents in connection with a traffic accident. And according to local media, the driver has had several problems with the authorities in the past.

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