March 23, 2023

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The “Family Basket”, a measure put in place by the authorities to support the country’s needy during the crisis, is now in its 20th week.

Competent ministers and financial staff expressed their satisfaction with its progress. The support measure is becoming more and more popular, and consumers are looking to take advantage of “good deals”, reduced prices on some products, mainly out of a desire to save money, since the increased cost of living and the reduction in disposable income are still relevant.

Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis said that in the 20th week of its implementation, out of 1134 products, 62 (5.47%) showed an increase in prices, 72 (6.35%) showed a decrease and 1000 (88.18%) remained stable.

It is noted that the minister announced extension of the “family basket” measure for 3 months, which, in accordance with applicable law and based on the approval given by the tender commission, is valid until March 31, 2023. At the same time, it is planned to create two “baskets” for Easter – with food and toys (gifts), in connection with which the adoption of relevant legislation is expected in the coming days.

During the holiday season, supermarkets will create an “Easter (grocery) basket”, and in toy stores – a “godfather’s basket” (similar to Santa Claus bringing gifts at Christmas).

The “Easter Basket” will essentially replace the “Lenten Basket” a few days before Easter and will be created to meet the needs of consumers when buying products for their Easter table. This new basket is expected to include additional items in the meat, lamb and goat categories, as well as traditional buns (chureki, Easter muffins) and chocolate eggs.

As for the “godfather’s basket”, it will work similarly to the one used in the Christmas period in toy stores. It is expected that the categories of toys it will include will be the same as those in the “Santa Claus basket”. It will also include holiday candles.

Recall that in the “Santa Claus’s basket” there were: board games / puzzles, toys – dollhouses and other accessories (role-playing toys), children’s toys, figurines, constructors (for example, brick toys), cars (with and without remote controls) , electronic toys, sports equipment (balls, children’s basketballs, etc.), soft toys, musical instruments.

The “household basket” is becoming more and more popular among consumers, who are even switching supermarket chains to take advantage of the best deals. According to a survey conducted by the Consumer Product Retail Research Institute (IELKA) in January on a sample of 1,000 consumers, in the first 3 months of the initiative’s operation, 64% of the population said they buy goods from the “family basket”. This percentage is almost double compared to the previous measurement after the first week of the introduction of the measure, when the percentage of purchases from the “basket” was only 39%.

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