March 23, 2023

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Theft accused tried to commit suicide in court

Right in the courthouse in Larisa, a 25-year-old young man tried to commit suicide. He was accused of theft.

The incident took place yesterday afternoon, Friday 17 March. There were people in the courthouse at that time who were shocked by what was happening. According to witnesses, the young man threw a noose around his neck and tried to hang himself on the landing of the third floor. Shortly before this, the court accused him of theft.

Two women who were nearby grabbed the man by the legs so that he did not have time to fulfill his plan, and held him until the police arrived. As quoted edition, one of these women says:

“I was walking out of the office when I heard a woman screaming ‘run for help’ and saw a young man dive into the void. Looking in that direction, I saw a young man hanging with a rope around his neck on the building’s internal staircase, between 3 and 2 floors. I ran up with another woman and we held his legs with all our strength so that he would not fall and the rope would not tighten his neck. Eventually the police came and took control of the situation. I am still in shock.. . from everything that I experienced … “.

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