March 23, 2023

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The health condition of the little tiger cub remains grave

The health announcement of the little white tiger cub, which was found in a deplorable state near a garbage can, was made on Saturday afternoon, March 18, by the Zoological Park of Attica.

Attica Park thanks everyone who was interested in the fate of the unfortunate animal, while noting that his health is still difficult. He elaborates in his Facebook post: “Thank you all for your continued interest in little white tiger, which was found abandoned outside of Attica Park. The tiger cub, since he cannot feed himself, feeds with the help of specialist guardians and has already gained 1 kg. The animal is in an appropriate care area, access to which is prohibited to the public.

However, due to the criticality of his state of health, on Wednesday, March 15, he underwent additional diagnostic tests, MRI and CT scans at a specialized center. The results confirmed the initial assessments of the severity of his health condition, as they were found as genetic malformations, and acquired as a result of improper care for him. The young animal has significant problems with the spine, pelvis and ribs. This severely restricts and makes it painful to move. At the same time, due to the deformed skeleton, some organs are compressed, which makes it difficult even to eat and breathe.

Detailed medical results have been sent to the competent national authorities, a special scientific committee of EZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums), of which Greece is a member, as well as foreign veterinarians who have been recommended to us (“Born Free” and “Wild Cat Sanctuary in the USA”) . At our request and in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, a committee is being created with the participation of specialized veterinarians from both Attica Park and other institutions, as well as university professors, with the aim of addressing health problems in a tiger cub in a safer way and maintaining (restoring) its health and vitality. forces.

At the same time, we are in contact with a specialized center in Europe where tigers are kept. The institution is ready to take care of the tiger, if the state of his health allows for the “relocation”.

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