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"The double life of a Russian spy in Greece"or why this news appeared on March 16

news #1, “about a mysterious Russian spy”the Greek authorities are clearly trying to interrupt the topic of protests related to the Tempi railway accident, but somehow it doesn’t work out very well …

In all Greek media on March 16, the day of the general strike that shook the whole country, the main page appeared news about a certain Russian spywho lived in Athens, posing as a Greek woman who died in infancy.

The new “details” that have come to light tell how Maria Zalla’s connections were discovered, or, as claims ΕΥΠIrina Smireva, with Russian colleagues operating illegally in Poland.

Entry to Greece
The information says that this woman, whose real name is Irina Smireva, was identified when ΕΥΠ discovered that some foreign forces were operating around the names of dead people. From there, the tangle began to unravel when they identified “Maria Ts.”, who, as they say in ΕΥΠ, was an immigrant and was born in 1991, that is, she took the date of birth of the deceased baby. This logic was followed by the spy, although it seems that she did not maintain any contacts with the Russian embassy, ​​but acted autonomously. Maria Tsalla was registered in the census of Athens and later in the census of the Municipality of Aliveri.

Spy actions

The action of the Russian spy, according to the Greek National Intelligence Service, is associated with a similar network deployed in Poland. There, the Polish secret services found hidden cameras installed along the central roads, which recorded the movement of buses and cars, and linked these cameras to the war between Ukraine and Russia.

It is alleged that Irina did something similar here herself, or even collected information in favor of Russia – either about Ukraine, or about the attitude of Greece, Mega reports, but the publication does not provide any evidence.

Since January, Maria Tsalla has been under surveillance by the Greek police. Realizing that she was being followed, she left Greece for Russia. The business she ran had 2 employees, one woman named Katerina and a man whose name ΕΥΠ does not name, but it is alleged that the Russian spy allegedly had a relationship with him.

How was the spy discovered?

According to ΕΥΠ, the countdown to the exposure of the spy began with the discovery of an attempt by a third country to access the data of deceased Greek citizens, an internationally recognized practice by the secret services of a particular country to create a special category of spies, nicknamed “illegals”.

“Illegals” are recruited and trained by the intelligence services of a foreign country in order to deploy them in target countries, and then to carry out espionage activities in favor of that country. To protect their true identities, they use “deep cover”, which is created by falsifying individual documents and using certificates obtained from details of stillborn children or people who have passed away. From the moment they are placed abroad, the illegals live and behave according to a fabricated history created for them to protect their mission.

Profile and activities of “Maria Ts.” refers directly to a special category of “illegals”. A case that has just been solved EYP, is typical for the way of thinking and actions of specific services, as well as for building the personality and profile of “M.Ts.” They worked systematically for many years with the appropriate use of persons, procedures and institutions, so that finally the foreign “Irina” was recognized as the Greek “Mary”, deceiving even those closest to her in Greece, who clearly did not know her real identity.

Why did the news appear on March 16

The ΕΥΠ National Intelligence Service, which is personally subordinate to the Prime Minister and has tarnished itself in serious scandals related to wiretapping of the opposition and independent journalists, knowingly “gave out” material to the mountain by March 16, because it was difficult to cover up the largest nationwide strike in a different way, and so – Here’s the news of the day.

The situation for the ruling New Democracy party and personally for Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is rather complicated. If a year ago New Democracy had a gap of more than 13% from the opposition SYRIZA, now the gap has become no more than 5% and, against the backdrop of the situation with Tempi, is rapidly shrinking.

Thus, the attempt to reorient the situation with Tempi is a typical operation to divert the attention of citizens, but somehow not very successful, however, like all the stories related to the activities of ΕΥΠ in recent years, which was caught last year using an illegal program for electronic espionage “Predator“against his own opposition and journalists. This scandal greatly crippled the rating of the ruling party and could be the reason for the resignation of the prime minister. However, Kyriakos Mitsotakis showed that it is much more difficult to drown him than the opposition thought.

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