March 31, 2023

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“They don’t care about human life”: 18 years later, a woman, disabled as a result of a railway accident, received … 4,000 euros

Kyriaki Patana was cleaning train cars when a steam locomotive was on the same line and a collision occurred, leaving the woman with a 67% disability.

The Tempe tragedy, with 57 deaths, brought back painful memories for victims of past railroad accidents, such as Kyriaki Patan. Ms. Kiriaki was working as a cleaner on a train that collided with a steam locomotive on the same track, leaving her disabled. She herself, in an interview with MEGA, complains that she received compensation of only 4,000 euros after 18 years, while she received threats (including the life of her child).

Ms. Kyriaki’s Calvary began on February 5, 2005. It was her fifth day in her new position. She cleaned the wagons. At the same time, a train heading to the depot in Ampelokipi in Thessaloniki collided with a moving train that was on the same track. As a result of the collision, Ms. Kiriaki fell down and sustained multiple injuries to her head, neck, and spine.

“What happened to me should not happen to a human. For 18 years I have been suffering: I can’t lift my head, I do physical therapy on my own, I do exercises to live,” Ms. Kyriaki told reporters from MEGA. As a result of the accident, she became 67% disabled, and after a legal dispute, she received 4,000 euros in compensation.

She also told MEGA that her life has changed drastically since then and she stays at home due to the problems she faced after her accident at work. “I don’t trust anyone, everyone is irresponsible. They don’t care about human life. God, forgive me, how many times have I said why I didn’t die there, on the spot? Yes, I survived… But what kind of life is this?! Waking up, I wait for dawn, and in the evening – the onset of darkness. I’m “locked” in a 50 square meter apartment… I’m afraid to move away from home because I might get lost. They tell me: “I need to go for a walk, be brave,” and I answer that “I can’t go anywhere.” When I find myself on the street, my mind seems to stop …. Doctors do not understand what is happening to me, ”she said.

During the conversation, Ms. Kyriaki complained that she (and her child) had received threats during the trial. “I begged (the party responsible for the accident) to take me to the doctor so that I could recover. I was 44 years old, working two jobs and raising a child on my own. After that incident, my life was completely destroyed. I didn’t even go to my kid’s wedding, out of delicacy so I wouldn’t be stared at. Nobody asks what I do, how I live… Nobody knocked on my door. Everyone mocked me, threatened me, said that I would find my child in a ditch,” she complained. “I’m the living dead, you know?! And I’m waiting for dawn and dusk. Inside my house, I wander like a lion in a cage. They destroyed me,” Kiriaki-sama concluded.

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