May 30, 2023

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Israel plans to boost natural gas exports to the EU via Italy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a visit to Rome, held talks with his counterpart George Meloni. He stated that his government is interested in increasing the supply of natural gas to Europe through Italy.

To translate the project into reality and in the course of strengthening mutually beneficial bilateral relations between the two countries, it would be advisable to create an infrastructure for transshipment of liquefied natural gas, possibly in Cyprus, the head of the Jewish state noted:

“Regarding the topic of our cooperation in the gas sector: Italy, as you said, wants to become a center for energy supplies to Europe. We also think that way. We have gas reserves. We are currently exporting and would like to export more gas to Europe through Italy” .

Before the start of negotiations with the head of the Italian government, Netanyahu met with Economic Development Minister Adolfo Urso. He assured that Rome is making every possible effort to ensure that Italy becomes a European gas hub. This will reduce dependence on Russian gas.

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