June 6, 2023

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Gender equality: digital platform launched

According to representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the platform is part of the “National Plan for Gender Equality (ESDIF 2021-2025)”.

The objectives of the “Digital Map of Gender Equality” are:

a) preventing and combating gender-based and domestic violence,

b) equal participation of women in the labor market,

c) equal participation of women in leadership positions,

d) integration of the gender aspect into sectoral policy.

The platform (https://portal.isotita.telenavis.com) was created for dissemination of information about events and actions municipal committees equality (MKR), as well as regional committees (RECs) and committees on gender equality of higher education institutions (HEIs).

In essence, it is an online communication and information hub for citizens and institutions, where narrowly focused agencies and services can inform stakeholders about their upcoming actions related to equality issues, as well as receive collective information about local events.

As for the actions already placed on the platform, the first of them is the conference “Violence in the family, sexual abuse of children, women”, organized by EES Palukion from Salamina and co-organized by the Municipality of Salamina. The event will take place on March 16, 2023 at 18:30. The second event is a public event dedicated to International Women’s Day, organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival. The event will take place on 03/09/2023 at 17:00.

“Achieving gender equality is our priority. We prove this with our actions and projects, working closely with all relevant committees and bodies. We are taking steps to harmonize family and professional life and strengthen women’s position in the labor market. We design and implement policies that impact the daily lives of men and women in all areas of their lives”, – said the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, responsible for demographic and family policy and gender equality, Maria Sirengela, thanking DEPIS, PEPIS and university gender equality committees for their initiatives, writes lifo.gr.

Also, the Secretary General of the Department of Demographic and Family Policy and Gender Equality, Calypso Gula, noted: “The digital map of equality contributes to drawing attention to the equality policy pursued at a decentralized level by competent committees, and among other things serves to strengthen and encourage discussions and put forward initiatives on equality issues.”

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