May 29, 2023

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Free Wi-Fi comes to the subway

Free internet access, screen replacements, and digitization of internal processes are some of the sweeping changes expected to take place in the subway following the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between ΣΤΑΣΥ and the Ministry of Digital Management.

The collaboration, according to ΣΤΑΣΥ, will be implemented “through a series of actions that will improve the services provided to passengers and further contribute to the company’s digital breakthrough.”

Free Internet

The beginning will be marked by the installation of public Wi-Fi in all areas of metro stations, with the inclusion of ΣΤΑΣΥ in the project “WiFi4GR – development of public wireless broadband Internet access points”. Thus metro passengers will be able to use free broadband internet access while staying at the stations. The start of the project is expected in the near future.

Digitization of ΣΤΑΣΥ

The new page will be “turned” by ΣΤΑΣΥ itself, as it will solve the problem of daily management of a large amount of information and documents through the upcoming digitization of its technical and administrative archive. Digitization will make a decisive contribution to the restructuring of the internal organization of services, increasing productivity, reducing administrative costs, as well as protecting the archive from natural wear and tear. Which underlines the value of the historical archive of the electric railway, the historical first line of the metro of Attica.

New screens and electronic scoreboards

During the implementation of the plan, the existing station Digital Signage system (screens with information and advertising content in all areas of metro stations) will be replaced everywhere with a single modern one. This updated system will give ΣΤΑΣΥ “flexibility” and dynamism in providing citizens with timely information. Ease of managing them, as well as reduced maintenance time and reduced total cost of acquisition and use, are among its undoubted advantages.

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