May 30, 2023

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USA: Russian woman poisoned familiar Ukrainian woman for the sake of a passport and profit

In the United States, the trial of the poisoning in 2016 of 35-year-old Ukrainian Olga Tsvik, her friend from Russia, 47-year-old Victoria Nasyrova, has ended. The latter was found guilty, the verdict will be announced in March.

The main goal of the Russian woman, recently a resident of New York (more on this later), was her friend’s passport, she wanted to “reincarnate” into another person, taking advantage of their similarity, although Nasyrova is 12 years older than Zwick. According to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz, the two women resemble each other in their dark hair and skin tone, and Nasyrova hoped to impersonate Zwick after her murder. Katz says:

“The jury saw the deception and schemes of the defendant. She stuffed a slice of cheesecake with a deadly drug to steal the most valuable thing from an unsuspecting victim – her identity. Luckily, her victim survived.”

It all happened in August 2016 in New York. To fulfill her plan, Victoria came to visit her Ukrainian friend, who lives in the Forest Hills area of ​​Queens, with a cheesecake “stuffed” with potent sleeping pills, tells The Guardian. Zwick ate the cheesecake, felt unwell, and passed out, prosecutors said. Later, a friend found her in bed, almost in a coma, and took her to the hospital.

According to the prosecutor, traces of phenazepam, which is not used in the United States, were found on the cheesecake box. Before Nasyrova left, she dressed the victim in frivolous (playful, obscene) lace underwear and scattered pills of the same Russian tranquilizer in the room. According to the prosecutor’s office, the intention was to stage a suicide. “Fortunately, her victim survived, and the poison led directly to the attacker,” the prosecutor general said.

When Zwick was discharged and returned home, she discovered that her passport and work permit were missing, along with a gold ring, $4,000, and other valuables. Nasyrova was arrested in March 2017.

Suspected Victoria Nasyrova appeared in court last Tuesday on charges of attempted murder, burglary and assault. District Attorney Katz said:

Victoria Nasyrova, 47, was convicted by a jury on Wednesday of attempting to kill 35-year-old Olga Tsvik with a heavily sedated cheesecake and then stealing her passport and other valuables in August 2016. She faces up to 25 years in prison, the verdict will be announced on March 21. The court is already deciding the punishment.

Defense attorney Christopher Hoyt says: “While we are disappointed with the jury’s verdict, we respect it and are looking into our options going forward.”

Nasyrova – originally from the city of Armavir in the Krasnodar Territory. She moved to the US from Russia, where she was wanted for another murder. In 2014, she fatally drugged a neighbor in her home country, but denied killing Alla Alekseenko in a 2017 CBS News interview. The daughter of the victim, who lives in the United States, spoke about this case in detail to CBS News reporters.

Victoria became friends with her neighbor Alla Alekseenko, who lived in the apartment opposite. Nasyrova said that she wanted to leave for New York, and she took fur coats and money from a neighbor, promising to give it as a gift to her daughter. Then Alekseenko “mysteriously” disappeared, and her savings and valuables were stolen from her apartment. Nasyrova was the last person to see her alive. The daughter of the victim stated that her mother’s apartment was perfectly washed, and on the wall, allegedly, there was a scrawled message from her mother – the word “money”.

Nasyrova, however, denied any involvement in the murder, and the Russian police did not properly investigate the case. Subsequently, Russian detectives found evidence of Nasyrova’s guilt – cameras recorded the corpse in the front seat of her car. In 2015, the remains of the body of the murdered woman were found, but the suspect in the murder … fled. The daughter of the victim claims that one of the “policemen” had an intimate relationship with Nasyrova, and she managed to leave the country not without his participation.

How writes BBC, New York television interviewed Nasyrova in prison, in which she laughingly denied that she was carrying Alekseeva’s corpse in the passenger seat of a rented car, although they were recorded by a police video camera. She also denied her former lover’s accusations of poisoning his dog, but confirmed that she was a dominatrix (a woman who performs a dominant role in sadomasochistic practices), although she denied that she took money for these services. According to her, she was fond of sadomasochistic practices at the behest of her heart.

Nasyrova forged documents and went first to Mexico and then to New York. There she met men online and provided sex services like a dominant. At the same time, the woman actively maintained a Facebook profile under a false name and published her photos.

It should be noted that Nasyrova first came to the attention of the New York police after they began to receive complaints from men who claimed that she drugged them with something and then robbed them. Borukhov was one of these men and spoke at her trial. According to him, he met her in 2016 and somehow visited her in the Brooklyn area of ​​Sheepshead Bay. The hostess treated him to fish of her own preparation. Five minutes later, Borukhov, in his words, “passed out.” Subsequently, he discovered that his new watch was missing, and $ 2.6 thousand was spent on an American Express credit card. On what, he did not remember. At the same time, the battered one is amazingly benevolent towards Nasyrova.

The Ukrainian woman Zvik, who recovered from the poisoning, also testified at the trial and, in particular, said that the defendant called her after some time. “Olga, I can’t get through to you,” she said. “What happened?” “You poisoned me and robbed me,” the victim replied. “Okay, then go to the police,” Nasyrova advised. When she was arrested seven months later, the police found some of the stolen goods in her possession.

In the photo, Russian Victoria Nasyrova (left), Ukrainian Olga Tsvik (right). Photo from social networks.

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