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What is the safest seat on an airplane? Strange, but few people choose it

What do you think about when you book a seat on an airplane? Some prefer window seats for panoramic views, peace and quiet.

Others choose to sit near the corridor to have easier access to the toilets. Some “hunt” for emergency exit seats to stretch their legs. And the “hurry-ups” always book seats in the front rows to land one of the first. Few consciously choose middle seat in last row. And yet, according to statistics, this is the safest place to land on an airplane, the newspaper writes. cathimerini.gr.

Of course, very few people book seats on an airplane with an afterthought about the possibility of a plane crash. And that’s because airplanes are the safest means of transportation. In 2019, almost 70 million flights were made worldwide, and only 287 people died in them, according to CNN.

According to the US National Security Council, The chance of dying on a plane is only one in 205,552. Accordingly, in a car – one in 102. And yet most people pay little attention to fatal traffic accidents, but when a plane crashes in Nepal, it makes world media headlines.

According to CNN, people’s interest in plane crashes may stem from a desire to understand why they happen, or what the chances are they will happen again. And that’s good, because people’s fears mean that relevant authorities carefully investigate the causes of accidents in order to make air travel as safe as possible.

In any case, by their very nature, air crashes do not follow any rules and cannot be predicted or calculated. On United Flight 232, which crashed in Iowa in 1989, 184 of the 269 people on board survived, with most of them sitting in the first seat closer to the nose of the aircraft.

Yet a TIME study that examined 35 years of air crash data found that the middle and rear seats of an aircraft have the lowest fatality rate of 28% compared to 44% for, say, aisle seats in the middle of an aircraft. Of course, much depends on the type of accident. If the plane crashes into a mountain, the chances of survival are drastically reduced, as is the case if the plane crashes headfirst into the sea.

As far as which planes are safer, the general rule is that larger aircraft have more structural materials and can therefore handle greater loads. However, it all depends on the severity of the accident.

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