March 31, 2023

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The second team of Greek rescuers did not fly to Turkey and returned due to aircraft failure

Due to damage to the C-130, the new ΕΜΑΚ team flying to Adana to assist in the search and rescue operation in Turkey had to return to Eleusis Airport for a technical check.

Airplane flying to Turkey reported a malfunctionand, given its route outside of Greece, it was decided to return the board to the point of departure for technical inspection.

Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection previously announced:

“The Greek mission assisting search and rescue operations in Turkey is being reinforced with additional forces to deal with the devastating effects of a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit early this morning. February 6 in Southeast Turkey and Syria. In particular, by order of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and in direct consultation with Minister for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Christos Stylianidis, a team of 15 firefighters from the 2nd EMAK, with one rescue dog and two vehicles. leaving in the next few hours. The team will also be accompanied by one fire brigade engineer officer with experience reinforcing the ruins of collapsed buildings, as well as three doctors and rescuers from the ambulance service. The mission will depart by C-130 aircraft from the SEDES military airfield in Thessaloniki.”

After a technical check of the aircraft, which will approximately take several hours, the second group of Greek rescuers will fly to their destination.

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