March 31, 2023

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Serres: 91-year-old man shot his daughter-in-law

A 91-year-old man wounded his daughter-in-law with a firearm, shooting her in the face. After that, the perpetrator committed suicide.

According to the state broadcaster ERT, the man shot his daughter-in-law with a rare Flaubert-type gun (a combination of a revolver and a rifle). The 62-year-old victim was transferred late Tuesday morning to the Thessaloniki hospital from Serres, where the shooting took place. Her life is not in danger.

According to some local media, some time after the shooting, the son came to his father’s house in search of an explanation and found him dead – the old man had committed suicide. The police continue to investigate the incident.

* Cartridge Flaubert – a type of rimfire cartridges, in which the powder charge is almost completely absent, and the primer composition performs the role of the propellant. In this regard, the force of the shot is rather insignificant.

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