March 31, 2023

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Earthquake in Turkey: EMAK Greek brigade rescued 6-year-old sister of little Fatima who died earlier

After the devastating earthquake, search and rescue teams from around the world were sent to Turkey and Syria.

At last count, the death toll in the two countries is at least 4,365. Tens of thousands were wounded, and according to a preliminary estimate, losses could amount to 10,000 people.

Thousands of rescuers who arrived in Turkey are fighting for every life, digging up the rubble. However, the passing time (hours of being under the rubble of people) and weather conditions (cold, rain and snow) complicate the work.

7-year-old Fatima did not get out alive from under the rubble of a collapsed building. Two rescuers from the Greek team who were there dug up the rubble, trying to rescue a 7-year-old girl from under tons of rubble. They could talk to her, and the courageous little girl described her situation. With the help of special tools, rescuers tried to remove pieces of cement and open a passage to reach the girl, as seen in the footage broadcast by ERT.

“She couldn’t move, but she was conscious. EMAK rescuers were by her side all this time, trying to provide first aid, talking, reassuring her. Fatima was at a depth of seven meters,” said Eftimis Lekkas, who is part of the expedition, in an interview with ERT.

However, the child, who was trapped for more than a day, could not stand it and died from his injuries. In footage broadcast by the Greek channel ERT, men from EMAK and EKAV, with their heads bowed, sob over the baby’s body. However, getting stronger, they pull themselves together again and continue rescue work in order to pull out the next unfortunate person who was under the rubble, hoping that he will be alive and will not suffer the fate of a 7-year-old girl.

The Greek team rescued the 50-year-old father, and the girls’ mother is reportedly dead. Some time ago, the little sister of the deceased Fatima was rescued. The Greek EMAK managed, after a titanic effort, to pull a little girl out from under the rubble of an apartment building. Tears of sadness were replaced by tears of joy.

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