March 23, 2023

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Family Basket: Three New Products Added

In the near future, new categories of products are expected to be added to the Family Basket, namely beef, shelf-stable milk, legumes and natural lean products.

Thus, the goods that will now be included in the basket will be 60. According to the information provided by the ERT channel, new product categories will add to the list of 51 items already in it. Beef will be added to the products, while at the moment there is only chicken and pork.

At the same time, long-term storage milk will be added (so far, only fresh milk is in the “basket”).

Three types of legumes, namely lentils, beans and chickpeas (refifia), will also be added as foods eaten during the 40-day fast leading up to Passover.

Updated “family basket” (Easter) will be available to consumers, tentatively, from February 22 (5 days before Clean Monday). According to the ERT channel, the measure will be in effect until Good Saturday.

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