March 23, 2023

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Cyclone Barbara: emergency services on standby

In connection with the approaching wave of bad weather, which, according to EMY forecasts, is expected in our country in the coming hours, and after an emergency meeting of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, EKAB President Nikos Papaevstatiou said that “all medical units in the country are on alert.”

In this direction, healthcare structures are instructed to:

1) Place health care personnel on a state of maximum operational readiness, in particular, notify management personnel and those involved in emergency management.

2) Instruct to conduct continuous technical inspections of all critical infrastructure facilities of sanitary units (electricity supply, water supply, control of drainage wells, control of gas facilities, etc.).

3) Administrations should be in constant communication with district and local government officials to ensure open access roads to sanitary formations (medical facilities) and take care of the distribution of anti-skid chemicals (salt) on stairs and in open areas so that there are no problems and accidents during access to health care facilities.

4) The command should maintain constant communication with the heads of EKAB departments, as well as with the heads of police and fire services in their area, to resolve any problems that may arise.

Finally, a 24-hour KEPY-EKAV telephone line is open where you can report a problem (or ask for help): 2106828350, 2132143188, 2132143189 and 2132143260.

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