March 23, 2023

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Pensions: who will receive 50 euros and who will receive 100 euros for each month of waiting for an additional pension

Pensioners will be given an advance of 50 or 100 euros for upcoming additional pensions. This is provided for in amendment Ministry of Labor, introduced on Friday to the bill “Care for the personnel of the Armed Forces, rationalization of the legislation of the Armed Forces, organization of the National Guard and other provisions“.

This amendment specifies two new interventions for supplementary pensions.

Firstlyproviding an advance on upcoming additional old-age, disability or death pensions to insured persons who submitted an application before July 1, 2022 and for whom a basic pension decision has been issued.

Advance payment available until March 15, 2023 year, without any action on the part of the recipient, and amounts to 100 euro behind each month of delay supplementary pension payments (for supplementary old-age pensions) from the application deadline until 31 January 2023. The advance payment is set to in the amount of 50 euros for disability supplementary pensions and for the surviving spouse applying for a supplementary death pension.

Secondly , improving the operation of the mechanism for issuing additional pensions with an accelerated procedure, which is already established by Article 48 of Law 4921/2022. The same amendment also includes a provision for an unconditional extension for one year (until February 29, 2024) of the insurance capacity of vulnerable social groups (long-term unemployed and uninsured older people).

Also included is the extension for 2022 of the provision for the self-employed (with the exception of the provision of insurance capacity until May 31, regardless of the presence of debts to insurance funds and the extension of insurance capacity until 02/29/2024 with the payment of contributions to the health sector for 2022).

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In the same amendment:

  • Childcare leave is set. This is a special 20-day leave, which concerns parents who have lost children, satisfying the relevant request of public organizations.
  • The Easter allowance is provided to employees of fur enterprises affected by the consequences of the war in Ukraine, with whom employment contracts have been suspended.
  • Corrects the term “guardianship” in domestic law and replaces it with the term “guardianship” in definitions relating to parental leave.
  • The process of consolidating social security institutions has been simplified, and measures are provided to overcome the corresponding bureaucratic obstacles.

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