March 23, 2023

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Ancient artifacts return from Switzerland

Fifteen ancient objects dating from the ancient to the Roman period will be repatriated to Greece from Switzerland, the Greek Ministry of Culture has announced.

The ancient objects are being repatriated following a ruling by a Geneva court in July last year following a dispute with an antiquities dealer.

Among the antiques are figurines, earthenware and bronze vases, a golden diadem with laurel leaves, a torso of a young male figure, a bronze statuette of an athlete, a pair of bronze wigs and a silver coin (stater). They are returned as products of the illegal trade in antiquities.

Their repatriation was welcomed by the Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni. “The Ministry of Culture, especially in recent years, attaches great importance to the repatriation of any cultural property that is inextricably linked to our cultural heritage,” she said, adding that the return of cultural property to its place of origin, in addition to being a universal problem, is moral obligation of peoples in the context of respect for and protection of the common global cultural heritage.

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