March 23, 2023

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Greek cuisine ranked second in the world

Greek cuisine seems to have fans all over the world. That is why she took second place in the annual Taste Atlas ranking.

Italian cuisine is back in first place, according to to the English website of TasteAtlas, a digital culinary encyclopediawhich lists traditional dishes, local food and wines, as well as world restaurants.

By averaging the votes cast by users who have tasted the dishes and visited the catering establishments presented on the site, TasteAtlas was able to determine the most popular cuisines in the world for 2022.

Among the 95 nations, Greek cuisine came in second. This is followed by Spanish, Japanese and Indian.

But which Greek recipes and foods have been most appreciated by foreigners? The first and best to score 4.9 (with an excellent 5) is oil from Kalamata (λάδι Καλαμάτας). This olive oil, according to “Taste Atlas”, is closely connected with the history, traditions and culture of Messinia, where it is produced. The final product has a bright green to yellow-green color and a pleasant taste. It is slightly bitter, with hints of green fruit and a mild spicy taste.


Fried cheese. Various cheeses can be used to prepare the dish, such as kefalotiri, feta or halloumi. The name comes from the Greek name for a frying pan with two handles, on which cheese is usually fried (in olive oil). When frying, additional ingredients such as shrimp and mussels may be added. The finished dish is usually served with a slice of lemon and bread.


This is followed by Aegina pistachios, Naoussa peaches and dakos. The site also lists the best restaurants to try Greek cuisine: Antikristo in Chania, which serves the best antikristo (also known for its apaki and herbs), Peskesi in Heraklion (which serves hohlios burburistas, beetroot salad and dako) , “Loukoumades Ktistakis” in Athens (of course, for loukoumades), “Pytogyros” on the island of Ios, “Araliki” in Kavala (suvlaki), as well as “Bugatsazidiko Bandis” in Thessaloniki.

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