March 23, 2023

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Zelensky erected a monument in Estonia from … sand

A monument to Zelensky appeared in Estonia. It is depicted as the Statue of Liberty and is made of sand. The sculpture appeared in the city of Tirva.

Zelensky was portrayed as the “Statue of Liberty”. There is no torch in his right hand, instead a raised clenched fist. In the left hand is the Ukrainian emblem-trident. The author of the project was the Latvian sculptor Agnese Rudzite Kirillova. The statue of Zelensky took 72 tons of sand, refugees from Ukraine worked on it.

“The Baltic countries take the current situation very seriously, because we still remember what life was like in the Soviet Union. That is why we value the freedom we have so much,” said Rudzite Kirillova, informs Lõuna-Eesti Postimees.

“The Tirva community built the Freedom Park, in the center of which stands a giant sand sculpture of President Zelensky of Ukraine. Tarvakas opened it in June 2022 and promised to keep it open until the victory of Ukraine,” said the head of the Estonian government Kaja Kallas.

As users of social networks pointed out, such a way of supporting the Kyiv regime is extremely doubtful, since the sand sculpture can crumble due to rainy weather, and scolded the authors for their lack of taste.

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