March 24, 2023

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The Tourism for All digital card is accepted at all accommodations in the country

The new beneficiaries of the Tourism for All program are already preparing their suitcases for their vacation.

At the moment, applications of 125,000 new beneficiaries have been approved, who will immediately receive a digital program card “Tourism for all” Ministry of Tourism of Greece. New beneficiaries are added to the already 275,000, reaching a total of 400,000 people.

As a reminder, the program with a budget of more than 60 million euros provides a living subsidy in the amount of 150 euros for each beneficiary and 200 euros for the category of persons with disabilities.

For the first time, the program is implemented with a digital card for simple and fast payments, it includes all hotels and accommodations in all destinations in the country, and payment is made directly to all travel service providers.

New beneficiaries will be able to activate and then use their card as soon as they receive the appropriate message about the approval of the application. The card can be used until the end of June.

“With the help of the “Tourism for All” social program, the government proves in practice that its main task is to improve the living conditions of the Greek people. Especially today, in this difficult period of ongoing crises. Never before has the institution of social tourism been so strongly strengthened financially,” Mr. Feoharis stressed.

According to the minister, the program has a dual purpose: in addition to caring for 400,000 beneficiaries, it aims to stimulate tourism and works in the interests of industry enterprises through subsidized housing for such a large number of guests and an extension of the season. Also the program ensures the survival of tourism enterprises with additional spin-off benefits for the local economy. In addition, all this together will help save jobs and avoid mass layoffs.

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