March 24, 2023

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The Communist Party of Greece will hold a rally against the arrival of an American aircraft carrier in Piraeus

Greek communists will hold a rally on Saturday against the US aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush entering the port of Piraeus, the information portal reports. Communist Party of the country.
The ship has been in the Mediterranean since September last year and is due to moor in the port on February 3. At the beginning of October 2022, the aircraft carrier was in the port of Souda on Crete. In its address, TE Piraeus notes:

“At a time when the war in Ukraine and the rivalry between the gangster camps of the United States – NATO – EU on the one hand, and capitalist Russia and China – on the other hand, it is dangerously escalating … the involvement of our country and the port of Piraeus in dangerous plans and the confrontation between the USA and NATO is in full swing! The last link in the chain of participation is the “visit” of the US and NATO aircraft carrier USS “GW Bush” to the port of Piraeus!

A dangerous development of events that has nothing to do with the interests of the people and youth. Because this makes our country a “victim” of the predatory wars of the imperialists against other peoples on the side of NATO – the EU and the USA. This makes our people and our region a possible “victim”, as it can be turned into an object of retribution.

The deeper we get involved in the “mouth of the wolf”, for which both the current ND government and the previous SYRIZA government are responsible, the more people and youth pay the “price” of this involvement with exorbitant military spending related to NATO plans, and not to the protection of sovereign rights. In fact, at a time when our people see their incomes disappear, they are faced with rising prices and energy poverty, they are living “in their own skin” experiencing the consequences of government and EU policies in the field of health, education, etc.

In the face of all this, the KKE calls on the workers, people and youth of Piraeus to mobilize and fight against the involvement of the country and the port in the plans of NATO, the US and the EU. Fight against the transformation of the port of Piraeus into a naval station for the imperialists!

We urge:

  • Immediately stop the participation of Greece in the imperialist plans and its involvement in the imperialist slaughter in Ukraine.
  • Close now all NATO and US military bases in our country, which are used as war bases.
  • No concession of the port of Piraeus and its infrastructure to NATO plans.”

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