March 26, 2023

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"Jobs of the future": in 2035, 6 out of 10 graduates will work in professions that do not exist today

In 2035, jobs that are almost non-existent today will be mastered by 65% ​​of children currently attending primary school.

Some professions of the “future” will appear by themselves, as a necessity. Although the pioneers of the “green (eco-) professions are already observed today. They employ technical specialists in renewable energy sources (RES).

Об этом рассказал в своем выступлении г-н Кускуридис (πρόεδρος της Μόνιμης Επιτροπής Ενέργειας του Τεχνικού Επιμελητηρίου Ελλάδας/Τμήματος Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας (ΤΕΕ/ΤΚΜ), на мероприятии «Зеленые профессии будущего», организованном в рамках конференции «Money Show». В конференции приняли Participation: Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Industry of Thessaloniki, Secretariat for Climate Change and the Environment, as well as the Faculty of Environmental Engineering of the International University of Greece (IUPG).

According to Georgios Papaioannou, Secretary for Climate Change and Environment, in recent years Greece is developing in a safe and stable environment conducive to work and entrepreneurship. According to the speaker, “the northern capital is ready to create conditions to give an impetus to the economy and society in order to take full advantage of the new opportunities of the future, which begins today.”

Simeon Diamantidis, President of the Association of Exporters SEVEand Deputy Regional Governor for Environment and Development of Macedonia Konstantinos Yutikas pointed to the need for rapid action in the labor market. This is due to the fact that “the transition to a new era (including due to the rapid development of technology) will not be easy.”

On existing in general in the European Union gaps in youth acquisition of both green and digital skills said Dimitra Akritidou, President of the Public Charitable Enterprise of Thessaloniki (KEDITH), noting that 1/3 of Europeans “do not have digital literacy”. Ms Akritida also recalled that 2023 is the European Year of Skillswhich indicates that EU supports the perspectives of young people in building a “greener and more digital” future.

Ilias Dimitriadis, President and CEO of ANAKEM SA, spoke about the area of ​​recycling and waste disposal, among other things, recalling that the company started in Thessaloniki and developed throughout Greece. As a result, 180 specialized enterprises were created and more than 2,000 workers were hired.

“We are constantly creating new jobs,” said EASTWESTGREECE spokesperson Agapi Orphanidou, saying the company is ready to hire 10 young people. She added that the company, which cooperates with more than 70 municipalities across the country, has collected and processed 14,000 tons of textile products in six years.”

Anestis Stamatis, Managing Director of Cactus SA, focused on environmentally friendly professions in IT and blockchain technology. He extended an open invitation to those interested in joining the company’s team, as there are five jobs for people under the age of 30.

Jobs and stability in tourism were mentioned by Sotiris Mylonas of AUTH, noting that 81% of guests arriving in our country want to live in sustainable tourist accommodation. In his speech, he also focused on the development ecotourisma market that will generate “more than $300 billion over the next few years, creating a huge space for green jobs.”

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