March 24, 2023

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Russia accuses US of creating coronavirus

The Russian Ministry of Defense indicates on the United States as the main culprits in the creation of the coronavirus, citing information that American pharmaceutical companies have pre-produced Covid-19 vaccine preparations.

In addition, the Americans studied the diversity of the bat population, looked for new strains of coronavirus and the mechanisms of its transmission from animals to humans, the report says. statement Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, published on the official English-language channel of the ministry in telegrams.

The authors of the statement came to these conclusions“after examining 20,000 American documents discovered during the Russian military operation in Ukraine.” The materials in the documents prove, according to the authors of the publication, that “The Pentagon sought to create pathogens for later use as biological weapons and even tested on the population of Ukraine”.

List of persons considered guilty by the Russian Defense Ministry of creating biological weapons and testing them on citizens of Urkaina.

The statement was also published by the Russian Foreign Ministry on the official Twitter channel.

Full text. Briefing by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the RCB Protection Troops, on the analysis of documents on US military and biological activities.

Confirming the documents.

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