March 23, 2023

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Minister: Greece does not plan new ‘Fuel Pass’ subsidy

“Fuel prices are expected to remain low in the coming period and therefore we are not currently planning any new fuel pass type subsidies,” Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis said in an interview with public television channel ERT on Monday.

“Half of winter is behind us, and fuel consumption in all countries turned out to be lower than expected. All fuel depots in European countries are full, there is no blackmail from the markets,” he said. Regarding the possibility of a new fuel pass, the minister said that “at present there is no such issue. Fuel prices currently remain much lower.”

He noted that heating oil is now cheaper than in the fall, when it first went on sale. “At the moment, the overall picture of the international market is not a picture of panic,” Georgiadis added, explaining that this was facilitated by a mild winter in Europe.

PS Prices have indeed fallen from the level of autumn-early winter 2022, however, they are at least 10-15% higher than a year ago.

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