March 31, 2023

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Europeans warned to be vigilant in Turkey

Europe asks its citizens in Turkey to be vigilant. Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark called on their compatriots to avoid crowds and demonstrations amid tensions between countries.

By message Yle, on Saturday evening, the Finnish Foreign Ministry sent out text messages to Finns in Turkey with warnings, especially to avoid crowded places if possible. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet changed the general travel advice for Turkey, which was last updated in early December 2022. They contain appeals to Finns traveling to this country to exercise extreme caution.

The agency also advises avoiding travel to the Turkish border region with Syria and avoiding travel to eastern Turkey near the border with Iran and Iraq. The Foreign Ministry website says:

“The security situation in the country could quickly deteriorate. Turkey’s military operation in northeast Syria continues, and Turkey continues its anti-terrorist operations in northern Iraq.”

On Saturday, in turn, the Turkish Foreign Ministry warned citizens about the risks of traveling to European countries – due to the growth of “anti-Islamic, xenophobic and racist acts” in some of them. It is not specified what kind of “anti-Islamic” actions are in question. However, the warning came after Danish-Swedish activist Rasmus Paludan burned several copies of the Koran – in Copenhagen and Stockholm. In response, Ankara suspended trilateral talks with Sweden and Finland, saying it was “pointless” to talk.

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