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Chocolate: to eat or not to eat – that is the question

Fearing an overabundance of sweets, many refuse chocolate and … are deeply mistaken. Natural chocolate has a positive effect not only on mood, but also on health. What happens in the body when it is consumed, and what is the use of a dark treat?

Prevention of blood clots

Just two to three pieces of dark chocolate a day can significantly reduce the risk of thrombosis. Polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) promote blood thinning and vasodilation, which prevents the formation of blood clots. Eat dark chocolate regularly as an effective prevention of blood clots.

Chocolate helps you focus

Remember when your parents gave you a chocolate bar to take with you to the exam? Studies have shown that this delicacy helps to concentrate, helps to speed up the perception of information and improves memory by increasing the blood supply to the hippocampus – a paired structure located in the temporal regions of the cerebral hemispheres and performing the function of short-term memory. The hippocampus is responsible for the subsequent translation of information into long-term memory.

Weight normalization

Strange as it may sound, but chocolate really helps to lose weight! It reduces intracellular oxidative stress (oxidation damage), reduces the body’s resistance to insulin, helps maintain stable blood sugar levels – all of which help in the fight against excess weight. During a recent study, a small group of subjects ate 30 grams of dark chocolate per day, and after 8 weeks, they all had a decrease in body mass index.

“Chocolate makes everyone smile”

The bitter treat contains anandamide, an endogenous (produced by the brain) cannabinoid. Thanks to this, chocolate dulls pain, relaxes and gives a feeling of mild euphoria.

Increased libido

It is said that chocolate contains the “hormone of love”, and more prosaically this component is called phenylethylamine. The substance causes “butterflies in the stomach”, excitement and euphoria when interacting with the object of love. Studies show conclusively that people who consume chocolate regularly have a more fulfilling sex life.

Dark chocolate in the fight against overeating

One of the chocolate flavonoids, epicatechin, promotes the production of the hormone ghrelin, which in turn sends satiety signals to the brain. Thus, you can not be afraid of overeating.

muscle growth

After intense strength training, damaged muscle tissues are repaired by satellite cells, which, in turn, grow due to nitric oxide. Chocolate flavonoids inhibit enzymes that break down nitric oxide. As a result, muscles recover and grow faster.

Invigorates and can replace coffee

30 grams of 70% chocolate contains approximately 25 mg of caffeine, while a standard cup of coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine. So instead of a cup of coffee for cheerfulness, it is quite possible to eat some chocolate. This is especially convenient for those who are too sensitive to the stimulating effect of coffee.

It is said that over time, an addiction to chocolate develops. And this is true – the brain “gets used” to the dopamine that is produced when we eat chocolate. Once you take a bite, it will be hard to stop. And a little about how to choose the right chocolate.

What you need to know when buying chocolate

Dark chocolate is considered the most useful – from 70%. It is worth noting that milk chocolate uses milk powder (the most useless product of all “milk”), and white chocolate contains no cocoa beans at all. But dark chocolate can also be tricky.

Be sure to check the composition of chocolate: there is no place for palm and coconut oil, cocoa powder, flavors and flavor enhancers. And also calm down: bitter chocolate does not harm the teeth and gums, on the contrary, theobromine contained in it strengthens tooth enamel, and flavonoids relieve inflammation.

But be careful: dark chocolate is a high-calorie product, and you need to use it in moderation. Experts recommend no more than 50 grams per day for adults and no more than 10 grams for children.

In chocolate, according to experts, there is much more benefit than harm. Scientists are sounding the alarm about the world’s gripping “sugar addiction” and youth obesity. They urge to limit the consumption of sweets. But do not rush from one extreme to another – natural chocolate is not among the harmful sweets, it has a positive effect on health, tone and mood, as you have already seen. together with knowvse.

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