March 26, 2023

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Benefits for youth: how to get your own housing

Labor Minister Kostis Hatzidakis mentioned four youth support measures that are coming into effect.

In the context of his speech at the conference of the Panhellenic Federation of Property Owners (POMIDA) Mr. Hatzidakis first told about the soft loan program “Σπίτι μου”. As he explained, we are talking about subsidized ΔΥΠΑ interest-free or low-interest loans for the first home for young people with low incomes, which will be provided for the purchase of existing houses worth up to 200,000 euros with an area of ​​​​up to 150 sq.m. and not older than 15 years. The program will be activated until the beginning of Marchand the budget will initially be 500 million euros, with the possibility of doubling if the funds are spent.

The second measure is the program “Κάλυψη”. Thanks to this, young people aged 25-39, who receive the minimum guaranteed income, will be placed in private homes. This program is for those who participated in the Estia program (accommodating asylum seekers in city apartments), which has been completed. Those landlords who wish can continue to work under the new scheme, still collecting rent from the state. Next week there will be a corresponding meeting with the leadership of KEDE with the aim of launching this program in March.

Then the minister spoke about the Renovation-Rent campaign (“Ανακαινίζω-Ενοικιάζω”), which is directly addressed to the owners of closed houses that have been empty for years (with an annual income of up to 40,000 euros and real estate up to 300,000 euros). This program is aimedto integrate vacant houses into the rental market by subsidizing owners to modernize housing (bringing it into serviceable condition). The property must have an area of ​​up to 100 sq.m. and is located within the city limits. The program provides a subsidy of 40% of the cost of repairs and reconstruction up to 10,000 euros, provided that the property is rented out for at least three years.

Finally, Mr. Hatzidaki announced social compensationwhereby individuals undertake to build residential buildings in exchange for their operation for a certain period of time and a parallel obligation to rent out part of them at affordable prices.

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