March 24, 2023

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"Easter basket"as a continuation "family" and "Christmas"

“On the threshold” is a decision to provide consumers with a new food “basket” with low prices for products on the eve of Easter.

After the successful acceptance and approval by the people of Greece of the “Christmas” and “Santa Claus” baskets, the creation of a new seasonal basket fell on the government’s table for approval. This basket will probably be called “Easter” (Καλάθι της Σαρακοστής) and will premiere 5 days before Maundy Monday, that is February 22, as this year we will be flying the “kite” on 27/02. According to the ERT channel, the measure will be in effect until Holy Saturday, while it is possible that meat will be included during Holy Week as well.

Deputy Development and Investment Minister Nikos Papathanasis touched on the issue a few days ago, stressing that the measure could “work just like the Christmas basket and Santa Claus.” It will include gifts for children, which can be purchased at a low price.” With regard to the Family Basket, it is expected to be extended as government officials are satisfied with its price performance as well as the positive response from citizens. In particular, the measure under consideration (“family basket”) was supposed to expire at the end of March, but it will probably be extended for another three months, that is, until about the end of June.

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