March 24, 2023

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US threatens Turkey with punishment for Russian Boeing

The United States has urged Turkey not to service US-made Russian jets and warned of penalties for flying them.

Ankara was warned in December, as writes who learned about it The Wall Street Journal. In particular, the message sent to Turkey says that if it does not stop allowing flights to Russian airlines using Boeing aircraft and continues to provide refueling and spare parts services, then those responsible will face fines or criminal prosecution.

Sources of the publication claim that the demand was conveyed by Assistant Minister of Commerce Thea Roseman Kendler, who visited Turkey on an official visit. Its details are not specified, however, the ministry stressed that they are working with foreign airlines in order to monitor the implementation of sanctions against American-made aircraft from Russia, Belarus and Iran.

The publication refers to the data of the aviation analytical company Cirium, which show that since October 1, Russian airlines have performed 2.1 thousand flights to Turkey on Boeing.

The United States in 2022 introduced export restrictions for the aviation industry in Russia, after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine. Boeing stopped aircraft maintenance in Russia in early March.

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