March 23, 2023

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"Didn’t grow together"… Girkin refused to join the ranks "Wagner"

Igor Girkin (Strelkov) refused to participate in the war in Ukraine as part of the Wagner PMC, although the day before he promised “to move to Luhansk for a personal conversation.”

On Friday, Girkin actively discussed his possible participation in the war as part of the Wagner PMC and even promised to “move to Lugansk” within two days. But the very next day he said:

“The last public speech by Mr. Prigozhin, in which a stream of the most outright lies addressed to me, completely excludes the possibility of my participation in this PMC. I will not be able to serve under the leadership of a person who openly accused me of betraying Russia. Not to mention the dirty insults that these accusations were followed. Period.”

What happened? In an appeal to Girkin circulated on the Internet, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the PMC, accuses him of “surrendering Slavyansk,” “taking money from Akhmetov,” and “abandoning the boys.” In addition, he repeatedly insults him and promises to throw him into the thick of hell, where he will have to prove his reliability, and also threatens to “piss on his face” if he tries to escape from the battlefield.

And it all started so peacefully… On January 26, Prigozhin invited Girkin (Strelkov) to join his army in Ukraine. In response, Strelkov suggested discussing the proposal:

“If Mr. Prigozhin really has such a serious proposal, I am ready to consider it – not to agree, but to consider if it is made in a normal way, and if it suits me.”

Before that, Prigozhin’s press service circulated his comment:

“First, I never knew Strelkov. For some time, my representative Andrei Nikolayevich Troshev met with him and asked for a small fee to suspend criticism of the Wagner PMC. Criticism of Strelkov was extremely harmful to the guys and, among other things, they could then be imprisoned for mercenarism.

Second, regarding my political ambitions. I have stated many times that I don’t have them. And I do not aspire to my own PR. Everything that I do, I do for the benefit of the company that I created, belongs to me, and which I cultivate in every possible way so that Russian patriotism is forged in the cult of this company. As a matter of fact, I give a master class to all those who want to participate in the patriotic field. Get a license for free and do it just like me.

When the Wagner PMC didn’t even say thank you and the intriguers kicked out from the Donbass in 2015, we went to distant countries. And there, licking their wounds, they performed the Greatness of Russia. And we’re not going to drop this. And no one has the right to tell us. As for cultural, soft, unobtrusive advice, we receive it from specialists through the appropriate channels.

There is another unvoiced question that periodically arises from people who want to criticize me. Do I finance PMC “Wagner”. Or I give money to someone from somewhere. I came up with Wagner PMC, manage Wagner PMC and have always financed Wagner PMC. Of course, in 2022, when the global expansion began, I had to look for additional sources. But all the time before the start of the special operation, not a single penny, not a single body armor was taken anywhere and from no one, except from my pocket. Therefore, I am completely clear before my conscience, and there is nothing to reproach me for.

Regarding Mr. Girkin and his active praise of the Wagner PMC fighters. After I wrote you an answer, I talked to the commanders of the Wagner PMC, and, despite the extremely negative attitude towards Girkin, I managed to convince them of my decision.

I, as the senior head of the Wagner PMC, invite Mr. Girkin to the front to check the correctness of his position and use, as he stated, his combat experience. I suggest that he arrive on the territory of the LPR to be appointed to a senior position, according to his competence, in one of the assault units. Of course, no one will be able to offer him a high position, for this it is necessary to show his capabilities. It’s time to move from words to deeds.

It didn’t work out…

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