March 24, 2023

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Bloomberg: a major Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine will begin in the spring

Russia is preparing a new attack on Ukraine, which could start in February or March after repeated setbacks it had in previous months, writes Bloomberg, citing sources in the Kremlin (?).

According to these “Russian” sources, Moscow will be keen to show that the Russian army can seize the initiative after months of setbacks and pressure on Kyiv and its allies to agree to a truce, allowing Russia to retain control over the territories it has occupied since February 2022. of the year.

Now the question is which “Kremlin sources” (usually “expert“by the name of Andrey Piontkovsky) speak of Russian “failures” that even Putin himself cannot ignore.

“Even Putin cannot deny the weakness of a military that has taken decades to build,” the same “Russian” agency sources said, stressing that the constant setbacks have forced “many in the Kremlin to look more realistically at their immediate ambitions, acknowledging that maintaining the existing front line would be an achievement.”

Moscow still believes that a greater mobilization potential and a willingness to take significant losses will allow it to win, agency sources say, adding that a new wave of conscription (spring conscription?) could begin in the spring. Claims by “authoritative” Bloomberg sources “confirm” warnings from Ukraine and its allies of an imminent Russian offensive that could begin before Kyiv receives the tanks promised by the US and Europe.

It is expected that the Leopard 2 tanks will arrive in Ukraine in late March or early April. This was also mentioned by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. The exact timing of the delivery of Abrams tanks from the United States has not been reported, but, according to American media, their delivery will take several months. In addition, crews still need to be prepared for them.

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