March 31, 2023

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Attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran (video)

During the attack by unknown people on the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran, one person was killed and two were injured.

The incident is reported by the Sputnik Azerbaijan Telegram channel. According to preliminary data, Orkhan Askerov, head of the embassy security, was killed, and another person was wounded. The report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan notes that on Friday, January 27, an unknown person broke into the security post of the embassy and started shooting from a Kalashnikov assault rifle, two security guards of the diplomatic institution were wounded.

As became known, writes “” suspected of attacking the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran has been detained. The Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “The Azerbaijani side is conducting an urgent investigation.” The man explained his actions by personal problems, informed head of the police department of the Iranian capital Hossein Rahimi.

In January, Yitzhak Herzog, Israel’s president, called on members of the European Parliament and EU countries in Brussels to unite and fight together against the forces of darkness that Iran represents. He considers Tehran a force of evil, since Iran not only calls for the destruction of Israel, but also “kills its own fellow citizens who want freedom, human and civil rights.”

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