June 6, 2023

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SYRIZA filed a vote of no confidence in the Mitsotakis government

Opposition leader and president of the SYRIZA-PS party, Alexis Tsipras, submitted a proposal to impeach the government from the rostrum of parliament.

Alexis Tsipras said that both Defense Minister Kostis Hatzidakis and Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Konstantinos Floros are under surveillance by the security services on the personal instructions of Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Also under surveillance were Mitsotakis’s former national security adviser, Admiral Diakopoulos, and directors of the weapons department.

“Today we will speak on the basis of evidence”said Alexis Tsipras, commenting that it was time to answer the question of those who wondered what was in the envelope he was holding as he left the ADAE offices on Tuesday after meeting with its president, Christos Rammos.

The leader of the main opposition party SYRIZA-PS, in particular, said that the dossier contains the results of an investigation carried out by ADAE in response to a request he submitted to the Office on 7/12 and which was supplemented after a written request on 28/12. “Thus, the dossier contains the illegal activities of the dark state created by Mr. Mitsotakis, which encroaches on the most competent authority“Tsipras said.

28/12, while it was known that an independent body had already discovered facts of surveillance in the files of EIA providers, in addition to Mr. Androulakis and Mr. Koukakis, as well as on the phones of MEP Kirtzos and journalist Teloglu, I formally sent a written a request for verification to find out if they were really included in the relationship ΕΥΠ with an order signed by the competent public prosecutor ΕΥΠ, Minister of Labor Mr. Hadjidakis, Chief of the Armed Forces Mr. Floros, Chief of the General Staff Mr. Lalousis, former National Security Adviser Mr. Diakopoulos, former and current Head of the General Directorate of Armaments Mr. Lagios and Mr. Alexopoulos. And the answer that I officially received on this closed dossier was this: six out of six– he said, – for they were all, as it turned out, under surveillance by the ΕΥΠ Mr. Mitsotakis.”

A critical moment is coming for the country, society, political parties and citizens when they are called upon to take a clear position, take responsibility and oppose it. Today is the time”– said Alexis Tsipras during his speech in Parliament on the surveillance case.

The President of SYRIZA-PS said that the fate of the country is in the hands of the government “not only incompetent, clinging to his own interests and self-interest, but also deeply undemocratic.. Alexis Tsipras stressed that “no one has the right to turn a blind eye to this, because what is happening concerns not only some authoritative constitutionalists, it concerns people’s lives.” He noted that “Greek society has been living in a whirlwind of revelations about an unimaginable amount of espionage for half a year. In the whirlpool of the largest and deepest departure from the rule of law, which the country has seen since 1974.”
The leader of SYRIZA-PS said that “journalists, MEPs, the president of PASOK, ministers, businessmen, members of our armed forces were humiliated, turned into” targets “and became victims of illegal, really dirty surveillance. I would say a criminal network. But it is based at the headquarters of the prime minister . And coordinated personally by the Prime Minister.”

In his speech, Alexis Tsipras argued that the Prime Minister “aboutorganized this network in order to have at hand not only useful information about his political opponents, but also about his political friends, economic players in the country, military leadership, journalists, officers. But also to blackmail them. To know their thoughts, their aspirations, their weaknesses.” He added that “he organized this network with a very serious level from the very moment he headed the government of the country“.

“The Prime Minister and the government, in this case, are undoubtedly guilty of this sabotage. They bear not only political, but also serious personal and legal responsibility,” said the President of SYRIZA-PS, arguing that “the retention in the government of those who have turned even our national security into a field for eavesdropping and extortion is dangerous for democracy, security and the country’s constitution“.

The leader of the opposition stressed that “after all that has been revealed, with evidence now, because we want Greece to be a European state of law, this government cannot remain in place even for a minute, this prime minister cannot remain in place even On one day”.

For these reasons, he added, “we are passing a vote of no confidence in the Mitsotakis government as the first step in our march to the people in defense of democracy, transparency and justice.” He noted that the parliament will debate for three days, “Mr. Mitsotakis will be forced to come here and give explanations, report, respond, and the parliament will be forced to make a decision”: with democracy or with sabotage”. He emphasized that “whatever the answer, I am sure that the Greek people will soon give a final and correct answer to this question.”

Mitsotakis: A vote of no confidence is welcome.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who was present at the presentation of the Crete Development Plan when he was informed of the developments in Parliament, called the vote of no confidence welcome. “The offer is welcome and it is true that I have been begging for this for many monthsMitsotakis said. – This is a very good opportunity to compare four years of work. I’m looking for comparisons, let’s come and compare. I hope that citizens will overcome the cloud of toxicity and understand who can talk to them about their future. From tomorrow we will be in parliament, on Friday we will receive a vote of confidence, and until the elections are called, we will continue our work”.

As it became known earlier on Tuesday, the head of the Hellenic Communications Privacy Authority (ADAE), Christos Rammos, sent a letter to the Speaker of Parliament, the Prime Minister, leaders of parliamentary parties and the Minister of Justice with the results of an investigation into whether the Greek intelligence services conducted surveillance of persons occupying important institutional positions.

After the restoration of democracy in Greece in 1974, no government was forced to resign at the request of the opposition due to lack of confidence.

Government spokesman Yiannis Ikonomou accused ADAE President Rammos of “strange relations with SYRIZA and its president” and of violating a number of laws and exceeding his powers. “What the head of ADAE has been doing for a long time is a serious mistake. Institutional and political,” he said.

Given that New Democracy has an absolute majority in parliament, SYRIZA-PS and other opposition forces have no chance that the parliament will accept this vote of no confidence.

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