February 5, 2023

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Love your flaws, many of them are beneficial

Some character traits that at first glance seem to be shortcomings can bring benefits and benefits, and even turn into virtues. It is only important to know what to expect from them.

Fussy haste prolongs life

Excessive activity and haste, at first glance, harm you and interfere with others. However, scientifically proven – fussiness prolongs life. And the assumption that hyperactivity increases the risk of cardiac pathologies was confidently refuted by studies at the University of Michigan. Quite the contrary: fussy, constantly rushing people are in perpetual motion and thereby increase their life expectancy, as well as reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, which afflict lovers of a sedentary lifestyle.

Cursing takes the pain away

Profanity, as you know, is condemned by public morality. But Vladimir Zhelvis, a well-known psycholinguist, however, like many of his colleagues, claims that a “strong word” improves well-being, as it contributes to emotional relaxation. Another benefit of foul language is the ability to increase pain tolerance. So you should not silently endure it – having cursed, you will feel that the pain has “let go”.

healthy selfishness

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania claim that a person’s willingness to respond to all requests breaks the psyche. It becomes “comfortable”, others willingly use it, without giving anything in return, and gradually this leads to a decrease in self-esteem, a loss of self-confidence.

Studies have shown that it is not worth being a fanatical altruist – it is much easier for egoists in our world. They pay proper attention to their problems, take care of themselves, their loved ones, and as a result become much more successful and prosperous than a person who constantly helps others. And scientists from the University of Exeter argue that it is necessary to love yourself – this strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart.

Love to gossip? It’s fine

Gossip improves not only well-being, but also relationships, and all thanks to the production of oxytocin. Italian scientists have found benefits in an enjoyable activity for most people – the exchange of gossip. In the process of “washing the bones”, acquaintances produce the hormone of pleasure – oxytocin, which enhances love for “their” people.

Anger as an assistant in employment

Remember, from childhood, we are taught to manage our emotions, “take care of our nerves”, not to break loose and be restrained. But in vain. Anger is an instinct that helps in the fight against potential threats: anger mobilizes the body to eliminate danger by activating the “fight or flight” mode. Is it possible to benefit from aggression? Psychologist Larisa Tidens has convincingly proved that employers want stubborn, angry and dominant employees, choosing them instead of complaisant and boring. So careerists should think about whether it is worth forcing themselves to be more “obedient” and eradicate their natural tendency to anger.

Too Much Empathy Has Its Benefits

Empathy is a conscious understanding of the inner world and the state of another person, the ability to sympathize and empathize. Everyone who does not have this quality is trying to develop it. But people suffering from its excess often experience problems. Excessively deep compassion sometimes turns into stress. But there are also pluses: concentration of attention, notes uznayvse.ru, for deeply understanding people, it increases several times. Russian researchers note that an empathic person cannot be deceived!

Envy “black” and “white”

The feeling of envy arises easily – at the sight of other people’s successes, financial well-being, family happiness. Leo Montade, professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University, calls for dividing it into “black” and “white”. The first does not lead to anything, causing only ill will and impotent malice. The second encourages competition, increases motivation and makes your life such that others envy. He is sure that the feeling of envy helps to achieve the desired.

Mother Sloth… Boosts Productivity

It all depends on how often do-nothing periods occur. Total laziness is destructive for the psyche and the whole organism. But periodic laziness is a vital necessity, allowing you to blissfully relax and start solving everyday problems with renewed vigor.

The brain quickly gets tired of the pursuit of success, and we begin to experience stress, which causes many different psychosomatic ailments. During idleness, neural connections are strengthened, our body saves energy and recovers. In addition, rest allows you to look at many things with a “different look” – to find a long-awaited solution, to assess existing problems in a different way.

So negative character traits can sometimes become a decent plus. It is only important to accept yourself as you are, listen carefully to your own needs and work on yourself if the minuses still interfere with life.

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