February 6, 2023

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Elon Musk Provides Unprecedented Security to His Father, Fearing Kidnapping

The famous billionaire Elon Musk fears that his father Errol could be kidnapped and spent a huge amount to ensure his safety.

As informs The Sun, Musk hired 100 bodyguards and beefed up security at his 76-year-old father’s home in South Africa. The tech mogul’s father, Errol, says the 51-year-old son gave him top-notch protection amid kidnapping worries. He told the publication:

“Elon decided that after the recent threats against him, I also need protection … If they kidnap one of us, it will be the fastest $ 20 million that anyone has ever earned in their lives.”

According to the man, at present, at least one hundred highly professional security officers are responsible for the safety of the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. It is noted that Musk began to fear for his life after the publication of Twitter files, including those related to the US authorities. They expose what he believes is a US government collusion with a social media platform to censor content.

The owner of Twitter blocked the account that tracked his private jet and the journalists who retweeted his posts. The father of eight claimed that a “crazy stalker” allegedly followed the car carrying his young son in Los Angeles and added that the account “published my exact real-time location.”

Musk’s father said that in December, amid his son’s fears, his home in South Africa was equipped with high-tech video surveillance and electrified fences, and provided round-the-clock surveillance by heavily armed guards. The retired engineer spoke of his son’s fears that the kidnappers could “quickly make $20 million” by targeting his family:

“After recent threats against him, he decided that I needed protection too. If they kidnap one of us, it will be the fastest $20 million anyone has ever made in their life. I think Elon is a bit naive about the enemies he makes, especially with the Twitter files. I’m not afraid, but I’m really afraid that something might happen to Elon, despite the fact that there are about 100 guards around him. I think it’s only a matter of time before one of the people he exposes with Twitter Files says “I don’t want to go to jail, get Elon out.” It’s not rocket science.”

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