February 2, 2023

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#Cube: weather forecast? fake

The video of the Polish weather forecast from the TVP1 TV channel “walked” on the network for several days. Nothing special, forecast as forecast. So far, users have not discovered some oddities.

The inaccuracy of the shown boundaries raised a question. In the screenshots, Polish territory extends deep into Ukraine, and some social media users have suggested that Warsaw plans to annex these lands.

This card was shown by leading Russian news outlets and Telegram accounts. But… This image has been expertly photoshopped. TVP stated that it had never shown such a forecast and called the incident propaganda.

A detail that confirms that the map was forged is indicative: it does not use Polish diacritics. It is these icons that can be seen above some of the letters in the real weather forecast taken from TVP1. It is perfectly visible, besides, both the background and the general view are clearly not similar to what was shown in the screenshots.

And the image of the presenter, which was used in the falsified photo, was taken from another Polish TV channel. You can see that she is wearing the same dress, has the same hairstyle and a similar pose. But the release date is March 2020. That is, her image was cut out and superimposed on a fake background.

Even Polish officials reacted to the creation of a fake image. State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office Stanislav Zharyn told the Polish Press Agency: “The Kremlin’s information activities are still focused on three areas: to make Ukraine and Ukrainians look bad; to state that open support for Ukraine can become a factor that will lead to an escalation of the war; to scare people image of Poland entering the war and the consequences of such a step. Zharyn later tweeted that “propaganda has been attacking Poland for several months now, spreading lies about supposedly aggressive plans to unleash a war in Europe, attack Belarus and Russia, and occupy Ukrainian territory.”

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